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Welcome to funny humor t-shirts. At funny humor t-shirts you will find lots of cool t-shirts and apparel for men and women. Check out all our cool categories for regular funny stuff, cool attitude t-shirts, t-shirt prints for geeks and such, just awesome t-shirts, alcohol and drinking humor, a section for kids wear and cool gym motivation tees.

Get yourself some funny humor t-shirts! Browse our categories and products and find your favourite design. Choose between lots of different t-shirts and tank tops for men and women, hoodies and other apparel. Funny t-shirts, jokes, quotes and lots of other humor. Cools t-shirts, attitude t-shirts, geek t-shirts and lots of cool gym motivation tees.

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The t-shirts and other apparel we offer are high quality garments. All products have a high fabric weight and consist of 100% cotton. This makes the clothing both solid and comfortable to wear. We use brands like American Apparel, Hanes and Continental clothing. These are certified companies, both in terms of worker conditions and production.

Quality printing techniques. We exclusively use flex printing, a form of plot print that ensures a top notch result. Some features include brilliant colors with a slight shine that contrasts extremely well with the fabric. It has both great longevity and durability, tests show that the form and color barely change after a hundred washes. The material is both flexible and resilient and even thin lines do not break. The vibrant colors and precise edges makes the text appear extremely sharp, and ensures the best of results, even on stretchy garments like slim fit tees. This is in great contrast to the majority of prints available online wich are usually digital prints that fade after a few washes.

How is the print made. A design will be mechanically cut out of the plot foil with the plotting knife. Very fine design parts considerably increase the amount of effort. Every printing colour is cut out of its own foil. After the design has been extracted from the foil and excess foil has been removed, only the design will remain. In closing, the design will be placed on the t-shirt with the printer and melted under heat and pressure . The plastic backing will be removed and the t-shirt is complete.

Washing and ironing. to get the most out of your new shirt. Follow these easy care instructions to guarantee the best possible result. Wash the clothing inside-out at maximum 30°C, do not tumble dry, if ironing, iron the garment inside-out, at medium heat, without steam and make sure that the print is not layered to prevent it from sticking together. Do not dry clean. Follow these easy steps to make sure that you can enjoy your t-shirt in top condition wash after wash

Buying awesome t-shirts. Selecting your favourite type of shirt, customizing colors and choosing the right size. Once you click a design you will get several customizing options. First you select the shirt you want from the thumbs on top. Next select from all available colors located to the right of the design, and select quantity and size. If necessary click the size chart link to check width and length for different sizes and se how they fit. To make sure you get the right size.